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Live from my workspace

Live from my workspace


Robert Sawyer

I majored in Graphic Arts & Design from Wheaton College and later pursued an MFA in Printmaking at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). Between my education years, I worked as a Graphic Designer in a Chicago based marketing firm helping Non-Profits around the world gain better visibility through a custom designed online search engine platform. After that, I had left and worked as an Graphic & Athletic Apparel designer for a Denver based cycling wear company. In my years of experience, I have worked with clients ranging from US Army, US Air Force, the NHL's Boston Bruins, British Petroleum, Chipotle, Fireball Whiskey, and Left Hand Brewery to well known bands like the Grateful Dead. My position had evolved within the company to track the latest athletic styles through trend forecasting. I now operate as a Senior Graphic & Fabrication Designer and Instructor at SAIC working with architects, fashion & textile artists, and designers.

I balanced my design jobs with my personal creative work, like etching and wood block printing, which garnered attention from a few book publishers. This allowed me to work on other cool projects, from emerging brands to current events.

My creative approach—no matter the medium—is to find and communicate methods of play that can engage the mind into the limitless spaces of the imagination.





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